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What is the Array Advantage?

What is the Array Advantage?

Array provides litigation support with speed, accuracy, and unmatched service to law firms and corporate legal departments.

We manage the logistics of litigation so lawyers can focus on winning their cases, combining the latest technology with the knowledge of an expert team of professionals. We provide custom solutions and attentive, responsive service that save our clients time, stress and unnecessary spend.

That’s the Array Advantage. And it’s why Array is the litigation support partner of choice for legal teams.

We’ve asked our employees what the Array Advantage means to them, and their answers can be summed up in two words: People and Trust.

Here’s what they said.

Array starts with great people

From coast to coast, Array’s employees say they work alongside talented colleagues. Array has invested in a staff with decades of industry experience and values humility, sincerity, and litigation support know-how.

The Array Advantage means you’re getting a group of thoughtful people who’ll come together to listen to your problems and solve them.

“The people with whom I work every day are very good at what they do,” said Jeff Roush, associate director of review management in Dayton, Ohio.

“The Array Advantage is trustworthy, hardworking people who genuinely love the work they do. We care about our employees, our coworkers, our industry, and most importantly our clients,” said Lucy Higgins, associate director of recruiting & fulfillment in Cleveland.

Array wants to succeed for you

Unlike other providers, Array is founder owned: This empowers us to deliver effective custom solutions that allow lawyers to focus on winning their cases. We tailor services to meet specific needs and represent your interests with integrity and professionalism.

“Array does the right thing for the client in every situation, and because the company’s size and ownership structure allows us to be more flexible and responsive to client needs,” said Dan Deal, director for business development in managed review and staffing in Indianapolis.

Our team wants you to succeed, because that’s how Array succeeds. Whenever you need us, we’ll respond to your email or phone call.

“We are honest, hands-on, and as transparent as possible. We treat our clients the way we would like to be treated,” said Krista Deal, a recruiter in Indianapolis.

“The Array Advantage is evident in the dedication our team has to helping our clients succeed,” said Ana Torres, director of operations for the court reporting division in Houston. “Our clients are not just another number, they are passionate people dealing with real human scenarios, and our teams reciprocate with equal dedication and passion in every aspect of our jobs.”

You can trust Array

John Baker, president of our court reporting division in Houston, summed up this aspect of the Array Advantage best.

“I love the website name, it provides our core value and website at the same time,” he said. “The Array advantage is clearly customer service and willingness of our staff to go above and beyond the call of duty for clients. In doing so, this becomes the bedrock of trust.”

Clients can trust Array to provide solutions to obstacles in a timely, efficient, and cost-effective way.

Emerald Yeo, associate director of solutions in Los Angeles, says Array’s clients “know they can trust us because we consistently deliver on our promises. In the rare event a deadline might be compromised, we are transparent and work together to find the best next step.”

“I believe clients trust Array because we prove our worth while providing great value,” said Emilie Fuller, a project manager in Greenville, South Carolina.

“Clients trust us because they know we care and we want to do it right,” said Jeff Collins, a review manager in Indianapolis.

Jason Pearl, who works in operations support for the subpoena division in Dallas, said this:

“Our care and attention to our clients’ needs is unmatched. Communication and client satisfaction is always our No. 1 priority. Even with unforeseen hiccups that can arise with any project, we always strive to keep the client in the loop with any and all aspects of any job, so there are never any surprises. We strive to get the client’s needs met on time with quality work and never by cutting corners.”

If your litigation team needs help with eDiscovery, traditional services, managed review, court reporting, or more, and you’re ready to experience the Array Advantage, contact us today.

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