(California only)

Serving California, Subpoena Services team comprises industry veterans, former paralegals, legal secretaries and experienced process serving professionals. Together, we complete every matter using state-of-the-art workflow technology. This enables us to provide the most efficient Service on Locations and fastest Records Retrieval turnaround times – all while keeping clients updated with any new case information we receive.

Our dedicated account executives and customer service teams listen and understand your needs. Our goal: to eliminate the headache of preparing and serving subpoenas and notices, advancing fees and following up with facilities. We work to reduce your out-of-pocket expenses and give you time to focus on more critical tasks.


As your designated Deposition Officer, we handle the task of tracking down the documents you request in your subpoena. We have experience in medical, employment, government and business records retrieval.

As a Deposition Officer, we gather your documents in a timely fashion, and we can travel to most locations and scan your documents on-site if needed.


Array raises the bar of professionalism by entrusting all subpoena preparation to our team of trained individuals who bring more than 15 years of upper-level legal expertise.

Their years of hands-on subpoena work will ensure that your subpoenas will be prepared to the highest degree of accuracy.


Array maintains a statewide team of Process Servers who go the extra mile to serve your documents expeditiously.

We realize that in many instances, communication between the client and our Process Servers is key to success. Our field teams contact clients as soon as issues arise, eliminating the expense of a prolonged service trail.


Doug Gormley 
Director, Subpoena Services