Three Ways Remote Trial Preparation Teams Add Value For Your Law Firm

Whether you are an AmLaw 100 or 200 firm with an in-house printing operation or a boutique firm who contracts printing work, choosing to work with the right trial preparation team can add tremendous value to your litigation matters.

While most trial materials exist electronically, traditional paper discovery remains a huge part of litigation – and presents unique challenges when legal teams travel for trial. Even after hundreds of hours of preparation spanning several months, tweaks to the trial strategy that necessitate changes on paper can emerge at the most critical time.

Array provides an experienced staff and around-the-clock availability to meet your paper needs with expeditious turnaround and rigorous quality control. Our team can scale its services to any size case, and besides understanding the needs of litigation teams when they go on the road, here are three key ways Array adds value to your case beyond just printing documents:

We know the territory

As your matter approaches the finish line, we know the stakes and pressure can increase. We stand by to support litigation teams at the time of their greatest need so they can focus most on their cases instead of worrying about paper documents.

Array’s trial preparation team offers nationwide coverage and offices in major trial cities. We can handle a variety of paper needs like:

  • Document Scanning, Printing and Copying Services – B&W/Color/Oversize
  • Document Labeling/Image Endorsement
  • Onsite Scanning/Photocopying Services
  • OCR/LDD, Indexing and Coding Services
  • Print from Various Formats
  • Binding and Finishing Services
  • Standard/Custom Tab Insertion
  • Duplication and Conversion of VHS, CD, DVD, Microfilm, Microfiche and X-rays
  • Document Reconstruction Services

From laying the groundwork for a case to preparing trial materials, an experienced partner can also manage:

  • Hi-Volume Digital Printing
  • Hi-Volume Digital Imaging
  • Exhibit Binder Creation
  • Demonstratives/Enlargements
  • Exhibit Creation/Graphic Design
  • Trial Technology Support
We understand the stakes

We also know litigation preparation is fluid, so we are prepared to handle last-second changes that can’t be addressed by a 9-to-5 in-house or commercial print team.

Litigation teams often engage Array’s trial preparation services when tensions are running high. Whether your matter is worth millions or is a make-or-break moment for a boutique firm that you just launched, we understand the stress you are facing and are prepared to respond to any request, even at odd hours.

We will work with you to find any solution

We understand that some requests we field might come down from high above our direct clients, and may seem like an impossible ask. But we’ve been there and will work with you to find solutions to upper-management or client desires.

If your litigation team is dealing with a list of demands on a deadline, an experienced trial preparation partner like Array can triage the situation and efficiently work through the issues. Our firm can also tackle e-discovery, managed review, and even court reporting, leaving your team to focus on winning the case with the confidence that you have a partner managing the logistics.

If you are looking for a partner to make litigation a little easier, we have an Array of services to help. You can trust our team of project professionals to understand your needs and build a plan specifically tailored to you. Contact us for more information.