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Five Ways the Right Vendor Can Ease Paralegals’ Trial Preparation Pain

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Paralegals’ to-do lists lengthen as trial dates get closer, and that’s before the litigation team pivots strategy, tweaks exhibits, or changes witnesses. Whether the trial is in a local courtroom or an out-of-state venue, paralegals want to partner with an experienced trial preparation vendor whose services go beyond just printing documents.

Here are five ways paralegals know they’ve found the right partner to nail down their trial preparation and help them feel confident from the hours leading up to jury selection all the way to the reading of the verdict:

They’re available: Even after hundreds of hours of preparation spanning several months, tweaks to the trial strategy that necessitate changes on paper can emerge at the most critical time. Paralegals are looking for a vendor who understands the demands of a trial and is prepared to partner with a litigation team that’s working long, odd hours, and perhaps even hundreds of miles away from home. While paralegals aren’t necessarily looking for a vendor that’s open around the clock, they do need a trusted partner that can handle last-second changes that can’t be addressed by a 9-to-5 print team.

They communicate: The right vendor will listen to paralegals’ needs and create a proactive plan that leads them down the right path. A vendor who has extensive trial experience might take some control, and therefore stress, off the paralegals’ plate — the vendor will know exactly what is needed, will order the right supplies in advance, and explain to paralegals what material they need to provide to the vendor to make preparation a success.

They deliver, literally: During the chaos of a trial, having one less vendor to deal with is always a plus. Paralegals will appreciate it if their trial preparation vendor can bring exhibits, document boxes, or other paper needs to the courtroom to save them from having to arrange for a courier.

They’re prepared: This one may seem obvious, but paralegals want a vendor who has the equipment and supplies to service their needs. They can’t afford to have a vendor who doesn’t take care of their machines, or doesn’t have enough color toner, or lacks oversize equipment. In addition to a vendor who applies preventative maintenance to a stable of printers and copiers, they want a vendor that’s stocked with all the basic supplies – tabs, slipsheets, binders, etc.

They provide quality control: Trials are stressful and sometimes paralegals simply don’t have the time to double check a vendors’ work. They need to trust that the vendor will quality check their work against instructions. And sometimes paralegals need vendors to question instructions to ensure a proper product.

How Array helps paralegals during trial prep

With thousands of trials under its belt, Array is ready to take on your case. Our trial preparation team offers nationwide coverage and offices in major trial cities. We can handle a variety of paper needs like:

  • Document Printing and Copying Services – B&W/Color/Oversize
  • Print from Various Formats
  • Binding and Finishing Services
  • Standard/Custom Tab Insertion
  • Document Reconstruction Services

From laying the groundwork for a case to preparing trial materials, we can also manage:

  • Hi-Volume Digital Printing
  • Hi-Volume Digital Imaging
  • Exhibit Binder Creation
  • Demonstratives/Enlargements
  • Exhibit Creation/Graphic Design
  • Trial Technology Support

If you’re a paralegal looking for a partner to make trial preparation a little easier, we have an Array of services to help. We can tackle eDiscovery, managed review, and court reporting as well, leaving your team to focus on winning the case with the confidence that you have a partner managing the logistics. You can trust our team of project professionals to understand your needs and build a plan specifically tailored to you. Contact us for more information.

Monique Samudio, Business Development

Monique has had a passion for the legal service industry since earning her Bachelor’s degree in Criminology and completing her Master’s in Criminal Justice. Although her journey into the world of eDiscovery was unexpected, she quickly discovered how it aligned with her dual passions for the law and helping others. She now serves Array’s clients across the US, with a strong focus on creating tailored eDiscovery workflows and providing exemplary customer support. Committed to ongoing learning, Monique has obtained her eDiscovery Executive Certificate (eDEx) from the Association of Certified E-Discovery Specialists (ACEDS). She also serves as the Social Media Director for Women in eDiscovery Los Angeles, a non-profit organization that brings together women around the world who are interested in technology related to the legal industry.

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