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Employee Spotlight
John Blue


Consultant Leadership Trainer | Subpoena Division | Orange County, CA

In addition to solving problems for customers, I love the team we have.

What is your role at Array? What is a typical day like for you?

I help build systems. When we started the subpoena division, we started with eight people on our team and now we have over 70 and my job is to help build the systems for the team. This includes the Ops Managers, the team leads, and the directors of different departments.

In our subpoena division, we have eight other departments within the process of subpoena so I work to build an organization and leadership structure to hold that. Array prioritizes hiring from within so I often work with people transitioning from our departments into team lead positions and train them to become leaders with critical thinking skills, processes, conflict resolution, and more to aid their success as a leader.

Why do you do this type of work? What do you like about your job?

I love the people. Taking people from point A to point B, C, and so on, I enjoy watching them progress as people and as leaders. It’s also great to watch the systems grow and to be a part of something successful. In the beginning, subpoena services weren’t the offering at Array, so it has been incredible to watch our division and our offering grow.

What is an example of your most creative or impactful work?

Communication in the systems. One big principle in leadership and growing leadership is relationships; we are a high-relationship team. Early on I hammered on how important it is to get to know people. Now that we are mostly on Zoom, we have to work harder to make people communicate and trust one another. I force them to have coffee, to get to know one another, to call, and not speak about work at all, but rather to take time to get to know their teammates. That level of relationship that we see with our Ops Leads helps us grow because we respect and know each other.

What do you think is the “Array Advantage”? Why do clients trust Array?

The advantage starts from the top with our owners and directors who care and that goes down into the rest of the business. It’s not just the bottom line, although the bottom line takes care of itself, when you take care of people the bottom line takes care of everything else. Overall, Array is a people-first company so we care about the people we work with more than anything else.

Describe Array in five words or less.

Thriving through people and relationships

What did you do before Array? How do you apply that experience to your work today?

I played professional hockey for 10 years. I spent a few years in the minor league before making it to the NHL so it taught me not to quit, and to have a fight. When you’re in a difficult situation you embrace it.

Once I was done with hockey, I went into the ministry and pastored churches. I have worked with over 50 churches.

What are you most likely up to when you are off-the-clock?

Family. I have five kids and two grandkids. We are constantly together, whether that is barbequing, simply spending time together, or surfing with my son. My wife and I are very focused on the kids and family time.

What is something that would surprise people about you?

Probably that I am a pastor.

What is the most recent thing you learned about or taught yourself to do?

Chat GPT. If you know the prompts and know how to get answers, it is unbelievable.

Our team at Array is supported by industry-leading experts like John who consistently apply creativity, dedication and experience in everything they do to solve our clients’ problems and exceed their expectations.

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