Employee Spotlight
John Yukon Motzi


Director of Review Services | Houston, TX

What is your role at Array? What do you like about your job?

I oversee Array’s managed document review vertical.

I get the opportunity to apply a mix of legal, writing, interpersonal and analytical skills. In the same day, I might analyze several legal issues, draft proposals, interact with our great teams of people and crunch numbers. I love spreadsheets!

I am also constantly analyzing our review projects both qualitatively and quantitatively so that I can provide our clients with requested information as close to real time as possible; and I try to be really accessible so our clients get information when they need it.

What do you think is the Array advantage? Why do clients trust Array with their litigation logistics?

We have very skilled, highly experienced people with serious credentials who want to provide clients with a more dedicated, personal and greater level of service than they might get elsewhere.

What did you do before Array? How do you apply that experience to your work today?

I have worked in the electronic discovery/document review space for fifteen years, working for companies both big and small.

Over that time, I have managed hundreds of document review projects for all types of corporate clients and law firms involved in litigation in a breadth of practice areas; as well as hundreds (maybe thousands?) of review attorneys and trained and mentored many project managers

I have been doing a version of the same job for well over a decade – so hopefully I am currently the best version of my professional self!
What are you most likely up to when you are off-the-clock?

Cooking. Eating. Thinking about food. Working out as a result.

What is the most recently thing you learned about or taught yourself to do?

Baked and decorated a multi-layered birthday cake. The results were… passable?