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Employee Spotlight
Jeremy Lindahl


Vice President, Business Development | Los Angeles/Southern California

In addition to solving problems for customers, I love the team we have.

What is your role at Array? What is a typical day like for you?

I’m an Array “evangelist”. My primary role is to maintain current client relationships, search for new ones, and generally discuss ways Array can positively impact legal client workflows. Typical days are generally tons of emails, phone calls, and in-person meetings.

Why do you do this type of work? What do you like about your job?

I love the feeling of coming through for a person. The legal field can be an insane pressure environment for our clients, so it’s a great feeling to be able to “save the day” for them. And I have a sad need for attention! 

In addition to solving problems for customers, I love the team we have. From a customer services standpoint, Array truly delivers an unmatched client experience. From legal insight to simple responsiveness, our team makes my job easy.

What is an example of your most creative or impactful work?

I’d say a couple of examples.

  1. I was able to save a client over $1mil in paper charges by leveraging our unique electronic exhibit software, eDepoze, while making their process so much more efficient & effective.
  2. I introduced one of my lawyer clients to what ended up being one of his biggest clients.
What do you think is the “Array Advantage”? Why do clients trust Array?

The years of experience our team has in the trenches and being able to speak a client’s language. Offering honest solutions, even if that means we don’t win the business.

Describe Array in five words or less.

Honest, reliable, trustworthy.

What did you do before Array? How do you apply that experience to your work today?

I was a co-owner of a boutique eDiscovery company in Los Angeles. Having that background helps me in all aspects of the job I have today and gives me more insight into the “business of our business” – and our clients’ business dealings.

What are you most likely up to when you are off-the-clock?

Mainly family stuff, but I do love to sequester myself away to watch a Kansas City Chiefs game. You don’t want to be around me for those 3 hours!

What is something that would surprise people about you?

That I actually did have hair and used to play a pretty mean guitar.

What is the most recent thing you learned about or taught yourself to do?

I’m learning more about AI and its impact on our industry.

Our team at Array is supported by industry-leading experts like Jeremy who consistently apply creativity, dedication and experience in everything they do to solve our clients’ problems and exceed their expectations.

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