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Depositions have gone digital, how do we keep them successful?

Depositions have gone digital, how do we keep them successful?

The American Bar Association holds high standards for legal practitioners. Lawyers have the professional responsibility to be competent, diligent, and to expedite litigation in the interest of their clients. In the client acquisition process and in the midst of case work, a legal professional must put their best foot forward.

Understanding the nature of the law is a critical component to appearing competent, as is how that knowledge is presented. While television broadcast trials and courtroom dramas often give the impression that a quippy gotcha moment is the make or break of a case, more often than not success comes down to preparedness and effective presentation.

Can everybody see my screen?

As we’ve noted in the past, the practice of law has irrevocably changed in the past three years. From a backlog of court cases to staffing shortages and evolving technology, lawyers and firms must be agile and adaptable to be successful.

According to Thomson Reuters 93% of responding court officers said they were involved in remote hearings in 2020 and 89% indicidated the same in 2021. While the numbers are likely to decrease, online proceedings are going to be a continued part of the legal sphere.

The ability to conduct depositions, arbitrations, hearings, or trials remotely, in person, or through a hybrid approach has added importance in today’s legal system. Most important, is the ability to move between in-person and online venues seamlessly and confidently.

To be confident in an online legal setting means more than the ability to share your screen. It means developing your strategy with a technology-first approach. Solutions like eDepoze help firms electronically prepare exhibits for depositions, arbitrations, hearings, and trials. They can be shared securely both in-person and online.

eDepoze also has a partnership with leading digital meeting provider, Zoom, for best-in-class exhibit management and video streaming. With training from a trusted partner, lawyers can confidently practice in the digital realm. And not go down in meme infamy as the cat lawyer.

From discovery to decision

Discovery is a crucial part of the legal process and depositions are one of the most common methods of discovery. Having a thoughtful, well-prepared plan of attack is imperative in setting a case up for success whether it goes to settlement to a court.

Being prepared for either alternative can help the team make the most of their time and energy. When using a solution like eDepoze, exhibits can easily be built and securely shared no matter the venue. Building items in eDepoze makes a remote deposition or hearing easier with its Zoom integration. For in-person depositions, hearings, or trials, carrying in a laptop and clicking from exhibit to exhibit is far easier than hauling in box after box of paper versions.

There’s no ‘I’ in team

Though often considered slow to adopt technology changes, lawyers have been forced into new venues and tools for familiar practices. One way to help build confidence and increase technology adoption is to evolve existing practices with the aid of technology rather than asking teams to learn a new technology and maintain existing analog workflows.

Developed by an AmLaw 50 attorney, eDepoze was designed to mimic the exact process for handling in-person exhibits and allows lawyers to use the same system across all cases and depositions with one log in. Rather than reinventing the wheel, online solutions like eDepoze help teams develop their strategy in tried and true ways, with a more polished, easier to use end product. When technology is easier to use, it can increase adoption rates and success rates.

When it comes to the future of litigation, technology is just one piece of the puzzle. Facing increasing resource constraints and making up for lost trial time, litigation teams are being asked to do more – and more – with less. Leveraging online solutions and engaging outside partners may be the advantage your team needs.

Whether your firm is ready to go paperless with your exhibits or you need a support team for a complex case, Array has the expertise and the team to help guide you through. Contact us today to learn how we can help.

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