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Service Feature Spotlight

What We Do.

Array provides managed document review services to companies and law firms, staffing teams of review attorneys and managers to review large volumes of documents, often under tight deadlines. We also offer consultative services to help our clients choose the most efficient, cost-effective workflows.

How We Do It.

At Array, we offer the full suite of managed review services including first pass review, quality assurance and control, confidentiality and redaction review, and privilege review and privilege log generation. Approaching each of these with an eye toward defensibility, each service can also be customized to suit a client’s needs or on a project-specific basis

We have assisted all types of clients, from small companies and law firms unfamiliar with electronic discovery and managed document review to large corporate clients involved in complex, multi-jurisdictional litigation; in a wide range of practice areas, including:

  • Wage and hour,
  • Employment,
  • Product liability,
  • Intellectual property,
  • Oil and gas,
  • Immigration,
  • Pharmaceutical and health care litigation, and
  • Government investigations, at both the state and federal levels.


Our teams have extensive experience with advanced workflows including structured analytics – email threading and textual near duplicate analysis, conceptual analytics – clustering and categorization, and Technology Assisted Review – predictive coding and continuous active learning.

Array’s consultants and managers include experts in the field and can help clients select the appropriate workflows for their projects. When advanced workflows are not used, we still use many of the same principles and methods of analysis to achieve defensible results.

Our goal is to promote efficiency, work product quality and defensibility.

Why We Do It.

We are committed to providing a higher level of service to our clients. Our team is comprised of people who previously worked for the largest companies in the electronic discovery space.

We all shared the desire to work for a company that is better able to provide personalized, continuity of service and has the flexibility to respond to our clients’ specific needs.