Litigation is more than luck.

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Litigation is more than luck.

Successfully managing legal matters is a mix of art and science. Successful teams lean on proven methods and strategies developed based on experience. When preparing your litigation strategy, choosing the right litigation support team helps develop a strong foundation for your matter.

Array’s combination of technology tools and battle-tested human know-how means we provide custom solutions and attentive, responsive service in every engagement. Working with Array helps your team prepare for success. Here are seven reasons why you should choose Array.

Broad Services

Legal matters have a variety of moving parts, when looking for outside support, streamlining when and where you can provide broad support without managing several different resource teams. Having one project manager with a well-staffed team supporting everything from eDiscovery to printing exhibits helps litigation teams prepare and execute on their litigation plans without managing every single detail.

And when you commit to a partner with a broad range of services they can assist beyond litigation preparation. Outside of eDiscovery, managed review and traditional services, Array supports contract staffing and recruiting, court reporting, and, in select areas, alternative dispute resolution and subpoena services. With our Array of service options, we can support you in any step of the litigation process.

Tech Tools

As a tech-forward organization, Array used best-in-breed software. Our team is committed to continually evaluating the latest technologies and how we use them in order to find the best tools and methods to deliver exceptional results.

For eDiscovery projects, we offer access to the RelativityOne suite, Relativity Server, Milyli’s Blackout native search-and-redact solution and for automated machine translations and audio/video transcription.

When it comes to depositions, our team leverages eDepoze to make exhibit sharing in witness prep, mediations or arbitrations, and trials & hearings straightforward and seamless.

Location, Location, Location

Array boasts twenty-one locations across the country. Our nation-wide network of support means you can engage us no matter where your case or investigation takes you.

In each location you will find the exceptional customer service and commitment to quality synonymous with the Array name.


When trusting a litigation support team with your matters, you want to feel confident in their ability to execute on your project requirements. Array has decades of experience in litigation support which means the team can jump right in to help with minimal ramp-up time.

“We hired Array to help us on document review for a bankruptcy matter. They jumped into action, immediately engaged our case team and got started on the review in record time. Status updates were provided on a regular basis and any potential issues were quickly escalated. This group knows how to keep document review on the tracks and get it over the finish line.” – An Array Client

With an experienced team like Array, you can be confident you have engaged experienced litigation support professionals that have the ability to jump in and produce immediate value.

Customized Approach

This deep legal experience also means our project teams can take creative approaches to your most difficult problems. Each matter has its own unique set of needs, between our experience and our technology, our teams are able to craft solutions customized to your specific requirements.

As in-house teams and law firms face tight budgets, having a partner that can create a plan, advise on potential pitfalls and help keep everything on track is a wise investment.

Customer Service

Litigation isn’t a standard 9-5 operation, we more than understand it, we embrace it. Our white-glove approach means your success is our priority. We provide on-call support to ensure we are meeting your project deadlines.

“Responsiveness and client service are what keep me coming back to Array. It is great to know that they have our back in times of crisis.” Takayuki Ono, Goldberg Kohn Ltd.

True Partnership

The most notable Array Advantage is the sense of true partnership you feel when you choose to work with us. We take pride in delivering smart, purposeful and responsive service, and in saving our clients time, stress and unnecessary spend. We apply our creativity, dedication and experience to solve our problems and exceed expectations.

When you partner with us, your litigation strategy gains an experienced team dedicated to helping you succeed. Winning litigation strategies are more than luck, they are based on having the right people develop and deliver on the right strategy.